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Watermelon Cake

  • (3) 6" vanilla cakes  (add sprinkles in the recipe to make it funfetti) - CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE
  • Vanilla American Buttercream (3 shades of pink/red, 2 shades of green, white) = CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE
  • Chocolate chips
Cake Assembly Directions:
  • Step 1: Level cakes with a 'cake leveler' or serrated knife
  • Step 2: Spread frosting on center of board
  • Step 3: Place down 1st cake layer
  • Step 4: Cover layer with frosting (use pinwheel design for a fun effect!)
  • Step 5: Place down 2nd cake layer
  • Step 6: Repeat frosting steps
  • Step 7: Place 3rd layer on upside down
  • Step 8: Pipe frosting around cake, begin at the bottom with dark green, medium green, white, light pink, medium pink, dark pink/red
  • Step 8: Frost top of cake with dark pink/red
  • Step 9: With a bench scraper, smooth out entire cake (will take several times of smoothing)
  • Step 10: Place chocolate chips all around top half of cake (to look like watermelon seeds!)
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