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Thanksgiving Cake 


  • (3) 6 inch layers of cornbread - use your favorite recipe!
  • Large batch of mashed potatoes - use your favorite recipe!
  • Small batch of mashed sweet potatoes - use your favorite recipe!
  • Stuffing in the shape of discs (2) - use your favorite recipe!
  • Chopped parsley
  • 1 can jellied cranberry sauce
  • 1 jar of gravy (preferably turkey gravy)
  • Step 1: Put small dab of potatoes in center of cake board
  • Step 2: Place down 1st layer of corn bread
  • Step 3: Pipe circles of regular mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes
  • Step 4: Place down circle of stuffing 
  • Step 5:: Fill in gaps around stuffing with regular mashed potatoes
  • Step 6: Place down 2nd layer of corn bread
  • Step 7: Repeat potatoes piping/filling process & stuffing
  • Step 8: Place 3rd layer of corn bread upside down
  • Step 9: Cover entire cake with  ALOT of regular mashed potatoes
  • Step 10: Cut cranberry sauce into wedges 
  • Step 11: Sprinkle parsley on top of cranberry
  • Step 12: Place cranberry wedges around bottom of cake
  • Step 13: Put gravy in a squeeze bottle and drip around top of the cake
  • Step 14: Pipe dollups of regular mashed potatoes around the top using a star tip
  • Step 15: Sprinkle additional parsely across the top
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