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Rainbow Stripe Cake



Frosting Directions:

  • Set aside 1/3 of the frosting (for crumb coat and layers)

  • Divide up the remaining frosting into 6 bowls

  • Dye the frosting for each color in the rainbow

Cake Assemby Directions:

Step 1: Level tops of cake with "cake leveler" or serrated knife

Step 2: Simple syrup each cake using squeeze bottle (holds in flavor)

Step 3: Spread white frosting at center of cake board

Step 4: Place down 1st layer

Step 5: Pipe concentric circles of frosting in rainbow order on layer (see video for details)

Step 6: Place 2nd layer on top, repeating the same frosting process

Step 7: Place 3rd layer on top, repeating the same frosting process

Step 8: Place 4th layer upside down

Step 9: Pile white buttercream on top of cake and completely cover it with a crumb coat 

Step 10: Place in fridge for 20 minutes

Step 11: Remove from fridge and pipe 2 stripes on sides of each color around cake of red, orange, yellow blue, green

Step 12: Frost top of cake with purple

Step 13: Hold a bench scraper around the sides while spinning the turntable to get perfectly smooth details

Step 14: Place cake in fridge for 20 minutes

Step 15: Use a squeeze bottle to pour white ganache drips around sides of cake

Step 16: Pipe rainbow dollops on top of cake (to make these, just squeeze all colors into the same piping bag)

Step 17: Place rainbow lollipops on top

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