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Rainbow Rosette Cake



Cake Assembly Directions:

Step 1: Level cakes with a "cake leveler" or serrated knife

Step 2: Spread frosting on center of cake board

Step 3: Place 1st cake layer of purple down 

Step 4: Cover top of cake with white frosting

Step 5: Place 2nd cake layer of blue down (repeat frosting process)

Step 6: Place 3rd cake layer of green down (repeat frosting process)

Step 7: Place 4th cake layer of yellow down (repeat frosting process)

Step 8: Place 5th cake layer of orange down (repeat frosting process)

Step 9: Place final layer of red upside down 

Step 10: Pile white frosting on top and completely cover cake with a crumb coat 

Step 11: Put in fridge for 20 minutes

Step 12: Remove from fridge and pipe rainbow rosettes all over cake


Rainbow Rosette Directions:

Step 1: Put all 6 rainbow colors in separate piping bags with round tip

Step 2: Place plastic wrap down on counter and pipe rainbow lines in order (see video)

Step 3: Roll the plastic wrap up and make sure ends meet (make 4 rainbow tubes)

Step 4: Insert 1 tube into a new piping bag

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