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Melted Snowman Cake



Snowman Head Directions:

  • Step 1: Take extra cake from leveling and break up into crumbs

  • Step 2: Add in a scoop of frosting and mix with your hands to make a dough

  • Step 3: Form into a ball and place on a non stick surface

  • Step 4: Place in fridge for 30 minutes

  • Step 5: Melt white candy melts and let cool

  • Step 6: Remove snowman head and dip in candy melts until completely covered

Cake Assembly Directions:

  • Step 1: Level cake layers using a "cake leveler"

  • Step 2: Save tops of cakes for later!

  • Step 3: Spread a dollup of white buttercream at center of cake board

  • Step 4: Place 1st layer on cake board

  • Step 5: Do concentric circle around each other of blue and white butterream

  • Step 6: Place down 2nd layer of cake repeating frosting design

  • Step 7: Place the 3rd layer on upside down

  • Step 8: Cover entire cake with blue buttercream as a crumb coat

  • Step 9: Place in fridge for 20-30 minutes

  • Step 10: Remove from fridge and pipe dollups of blue and white buttercream all over

  • Step 11: With a bench scraper smooth out buttercream

  • Step 12: Place in fridge for another 20 minutes

  • Step 13: Remove from fridge and with a squeeze bottle drip white ganache all around sides of cake

  • Step 14: Cover top of cake with white ganache as well

  • Step 15: Place snowman head on top of cake and completely cover with more ganache

  • Step 16: With fondant create arms, eyes, nose (sprinkle) and a scarf then place on head

  • Step 17: To make top hat use 1 Oreo and dip 1 large Marshmallow into melted chocolate, then attach together

  • Step 18: Place hat on top of snowman head before it dries!

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