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Halloween Graveyard Cake




  • 1 batch of vanilla American buttercream frosting (click here for recipe), died green, brown, and white.

French Toast

  • 2 eggs, 1 cup milk, 1 tsp vanilla extract, 1 tsp cinammon, bread of your choice (need 12 pieces)

Cake Decorations

  • gummy worms, ghost marshmallows, chocolate bar, white melting chocolate, toothpicks, cookie sticks (cut tops to different sizes)


Cake Assembly Directions:

  • Step 1: Make french toast (mix all french toast liquid ingredients in a bowl, dip sliced bread, then fry in a greased skillet - medium heat - until toasty)

  • Cut cake in half and level with a cake leveler

  • Save top of cake to use for graveyard dirt

  • Pipe layer of white buttercream on top of 1st layer of cake

  • Place french toast layer on top

  • Put a dollup of white buttercream on top of each piece of french toast

  • Place 2nd layer of cake on top

  • Pipe brown buttercream around entire cake and on top

  • Smooth with a bench scraper

  • Place cookie stickers (in different sizes) around perimeter of cake

  • Take the green butter (using a #223 piping tip) and pipe grass all across the top

  • To make the gravestones, take a chocolate bar and break in half, pipe white chocolate in the letters RIP, then melt tooth picks on the back to secure

  • Place gravestones onto cake

  • Use remaining chocolate cake and sprinkle to look like dirt

  • Decorate the top with gummy worms, ghost marshmallows, and spooky candy hands

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