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Gumball Surprise Cake



Cake Assembly Directions:

Step 1: Level cake with "cake leveler" or serrated knife

Step 2: Spread frosting around hole of stand

Step 3: Place down 1st layer of cake

Step 4: Cover layer with frosting

Step 5: Repeat the process with 2nd layer

Step 6: For the 3rd layer, place upside down 

Step 7: Pile frosting on top of cake and completely cover with a crumb coat

Step 8: Place in fridge for 20 minutes

Step 9: Remove from fridge and put on 2nd coat of frosting

Step 10: Smooth sides with a bench scraper

Step 11: With a cake comb, go around sides of cake 1 time

Step 12: With a cake corer (from popping cake stand), remove center of cake

Step 13: Fill gift chamber with gumballs and gift card (whatever you like!)

Step 14: Make sure top of gift chamber is on firmly!

Step 15: Place gift chamber back in cake stand (there is a spring inside)

Step 16: Put cake onto pedestal and line up with top of cake

Step 17: Add more frosting on top of cake to hide opening

Step 18: Cover bottom of cake with sprinkles

Step 19: Add frosting dollops to top of cake and place gumball on each dollop

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