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Gravity Defying M&M's Cake



  • (3) 6" chocolate cakes - CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE

  • (3) 8"  chocolate cakes

  • Double batch vanilla American buttercream frosting - CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE

  • 32-ounce container of M&M's

  • Small packet of M&M's

  • Chocolate candy melts

  • 4 straws

  • 1 wooden stick

  • Cotton balls

Cake Assembly Directions:

  • Step 1: Use cake leveler or serrated knife to cut off top and make flat 

  • Step 2: Spread small amount of buttercream at center of cake board

  • Step 3: Place the 1st 8 inch cake layer down

  • Step 4: Use an ice cream scoop to put on 3 scoops of buttercream

  • Step 5: Spread buttercream with an offset spatula 

  • Step 6: Place down 2nd 8 inch cake layer & repeat frosting process

  • Step 7: Place down 3rd 8 inch cake layer upside down & cover top with buttercream

  • Step 8: Insert 4 straws into the cake and cut off excess (these act as support for the top layers)

  • Step 9: Cover straws with more frosting

  • Step 10: Place down a 6 inch cake on center of bottom 8 inch cake

  • Step 11: Scoop on 2 scoops of buttercream and smooth out

  • Step 12: Place down 2nd 6 inch layer of cake, repeat frosting process

  • Step 13: Place 3rd 6 inch cake layer on upside down

  • Step 14: Now crumb coat the entire cake, begin by piling on frosting to top of cake, spread out with an offset spatula

  • Step 15: Place in fridge for 20 minutes

  • Step 16: Remove from fridge and do 1 more coat of buttercream

  • Step 17: Using a bench scraper, smooth out the sides completely

Anti Gravity Directions:

  • Step 1: Insert wooden stick into the cake and press all the way through to the bottom of cake

  • Step 2: Take melted candy melts and brush bottom of wooden stick

  • Step 3: Place 4 M&M's around the perimeter quickly before it hardens

  • Step 4: With M&M's, outline design of the cake in a cascading pattern and fill in

  • Step 5: Spread frosting on cake board where M&M's drop down to and continue with M&M design

  • Step 6: Now paint 1 side of each M&M with candy melts and attach to stick

  • Step 7: As you move up the stick, paint on more candies and repeat the M&M sticking process (leave 1/2 inch of stick uncovered)

  • Step 8: Now cut corner of small M&M packet and empty out

  • Step 9:  Fill M&M packet with cotton balls until it looks full

  • Step 10: Place M&M packet with cotton balls over top of stick


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