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Gingerbread Man Cake



  • 9 x 13 cake of choice

  • 1 batch vanilla swiss meringue buttercream frosting ( dyed brown) - CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE

  • M&M's: brown, green, red

  • Red fondant for bow

  • Gingerbread man template (print online)

Cake Assembly Directions:

  • Step 1: Level top of cake using a "cake leveler" or serrated knife

  • Step 2: Place template on cake and carve around it

  • Step 3: Pull away the excess cake

  • Step 4: Spread frosting on center of cake board

  • Step 5: Place carved cake down on board

  • Step 6: Cover cake in brown frosting and spread out with an offset spatula (be sure to cover all parts)

  • Step 7: Place in fridge for 20 minutes

  • Step 8: Remove from fridge and add a 2nd coat of buttercream

  • Step 9: Pipe white buttercream outline around gingerbread man's body, circles for buttons and eyes, a nose and mouth

  • Step 10: Place red bow made from fondant at neck

  • Step 11: Place M&M's on cake for buttons and eyeballs

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