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People often ask what tools I use to create my cakes, so I've put together a list here of my favorite products!

Kitchenaid Mixer

Ahhh.. the Kitchenaid mixer, my all time favorite baking tool!​






Spinning Cake Stand

Having a spinning cake stand will make your life so much easier!




Cake Drums

Your cakes will look more professional and it's so easy to wipe off clean! 

Cake Pans

I only use 1 brand of cake pans, Fat Daddio's, they always give me a perfect cake each time!​ I use 6 inch cake 

pans for my videos and 8 inch cake pans for customer orders.


Large Offset Spatula

Another necessity I use for every cake I make!

Small Offset Spatula

Great to keep on hand for small details on a cake, helpful for sharp edges!





Piping Bags

These piping bags work really well for me!




Wilton Piping Tips

I use them for almost every cake!




Cake Smoothers

I have two favorites here, one is a plastic version, the other is metal. I recommend getting the metal version hot (dip in hot water and dry off), then scrape the cake, it makes an amazingly smooth effect!










Cake Stand

I have a few cake stands, I like this one because it's simple and great for pictures!

Pre-cut parchment circles for my cake pans save me so much time on baking days!

Pre-cut Parchment Paper Circles

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