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Donut Drip Cake


Donut Directions:

  • Step 1: Melt chocolate chips, let sit until room temperature

  • Step 2: Dip donut halfway in chocolate

  • Step 3: Pour sprinkles on top of donuts right away

IMG_9535 2.jpg

Cake Assembly Directions:

  • Step 1: Level cakes with "cake leveler" or serrated knife

  • Step 2: Spread frosting on center of cake board

  • Step 3: Place 1st cake layer down on board

  • Step 4: Cover top of layer with frosting 

  • Step 5: Place second layer on top and repeat same frosting process

  • Step 6: For the 3rd layer, place upside down

  • Step 7: Pile frosting on top of cake and completely cover with a crumb coat 

  • Step 8: Place in fridge for 20 minutes

  • Step 9: Remove from fridge and put on 2nd coat of frosting

  • Step 10: Cover bottom portion of cake with sprinkles

  • Step 11: Place in fridge again for 20 minutes

  • Step 12: With a squeeze bottle, pour ganache down sides of cake and smooth across top

  • Step 13: Place toothpicks in donuts and put on top of cake

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