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Christmas Tree Cake



  • (1) 9 by 13 Chocolate Cake (click here for recipe)

  • (1) 9 by 13 Vanilla Cake (Dyed Red) (click here for recipe)

  • White Vanilla American Buttercream (click here for recipe)

  • Green Vanilla Buttercream (same recipe as above, just add green dye)

  • Assorted Sprinkles

  • Powdered Sugar

  • White Candy Melts

  • Edible Gold Spray

  • Gold Sprinkles

Star Directions:

  • Step 1: Draw or print a star template

  • Step 2: Place template under silicone baking sheet

  • Step 3: Take melted candy melts and place in a piping bag

  • Step 4: With candy melts outline the star and fill in details

  • Step 5: Once dry, cover star with edible gold spray

  • Step 6: Let dry at least 20 minutes

Cake Assembly Directions

  • Step 1: Remove cake from pan and place on cutting board

  • Step 2: Level cakes with a "cake leveler"

  • Step 3: Use paper templates to cut out 8 layers alternating between red and brown cake

  • Step 4: Pipe white buttercream on top of cake board

  • Step 5: Place largest cake layer on top of the cake board

  • Step 6: Pipe white buttercream on top of layer

  • Step 7: Place down 2nd layer of cake, this is the 2nd largest layer

  • Step 8: Repeat the process by covering with buttercream and continuing on the layers getting smaller and smaller 

  • Step 9: Once fully stacked cover entire cake with a crumb coat of green buttercream

  • Step 10: Place in fridge for 20-30 minutes until firm

  • Step 11: Remove from fridge and with a Wilton tip #30 pipe allover cake... make sure it is fully covered

  • Step 12: Place sprinkles all over cake to look like ornaments

  • Step 13: Place star on top

  • Step 14: Add on "snow" using powdered sugar and a sifter

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