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Hi! I'm Ryan, a 18-year-old baker who loves all things cake! You may

recognize me from my appearances on Food Network's Kids Baking

Championship and Cooking Channel's Sugar Showdown. I also post cake tutorial videos on my YouTube channel Baking with Ryan and Instagram account @ryanwilsonbakes!

A little bit about me... I live in the San Francisco Bay area and have

been baking for over 9 years. It was my 8th birthday when I

received an Easy Bake Oven and the next year it was a Kitchenaid

Mixer. At age eleven I was cast on the Food Network's Kid's Baking

Championship, and the following year I won an episode of Sugar Showdown on the Cooking Channel! From there I began my YouTube channel where I post weekly video tutorials on how to bake and decorate cakes. I am self-taught and have learned everything from watching YouTube videos and the Food Network. 

My work has been shared by Buzzfeed, National Geographic, Dessert Insider, Disney's BabbleEntertainment 
TonightHome & Familyand DreamworksTVThe goal of Baking with Ryan is to share recipes, ideas, and techniques, and also to show my audience that anyone can bake, even a teenager! 

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